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Defenders Initiative
The National Immigrant Justice Center (NIJC), through its Defenders Initiative, is committed to providing training for defenders and CJA panel attorneys, consulting with them one-on-one with immigration-related issues, and producing helpful material for distribution and posting on

For individual case consultation on immigration-related matters, please contact the Defenders Initiative by phone at 312.660.1610, by email, or by online inquiry at


Traininigs & Workshops from The Federal Defenders of Ea WA & ID
Download materials from Trainings and workshops put on by the FDEWI.

Pre Trial Detention Rates 2013

Voucher Information (PDF format)

E-voucher Status 10-24-11
Guide to Judiciary Policy Vol 7A-Ch02 Appointment and Payment of Counsel
Guide to Judiciary Policy Vol 7A-Ch03 Authorization and Payment for Investigative, Expert, or Other Services
Voucher amounts chart DIR11-108-A01
Voucher rules amendments redlined DIR11-GT-07-005

Link to CJA at U.S. District Court Eastern District of WA

Expert list ideas 2011

Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA)
Occasionally, CJA panel attorneys and Federal Defenders seek evidence through public disclosure requests that may help to impeach witnesses identified in the Government's discovery. You may wish to review the info listed on this page to see whether such impeachment evidence has been identified.

This is a secure area and requires a password to access the materials. If you do not yet have a password, please click here to sign up for this feature.


DNA for the Defense Bar by The National Institute of JusticeJune 2012
"DNA for the Defense Bar is the newest addition to a series of NIJ guides that aims to improve the use of forensic DNA in the criminal justice system. Designed specifically for criminal defense lawyers..." Click here to download the PDF

Hosted Space Available on AccessData CaseVantage Evidence Review Platform

In order to assess whether your particular case qualifies for free, secure hosted space, please do the following:

1. Have an attorney on the case contact the National Litigation Support Team at 510-637-3500 to discuss the particulars about the material you wish to have hosted. Make sure to identify whether the local federal defender office is involved as well and whether or not there are any retained counsel. Consider whether any of the discovery should not be web-hosted, even on a secure platform, due to its confidential or sensitive nature (see the Recommendations for ESI Discovery Production in Federal Criminal Cases for further guidance regarding ESI security concerns). To assist you prior to your call, it may help you to review the “Initial Discovery and 3rd Party Data Assessment Checklist” as these are some of the questions we will ask you in order to determine the volume and the technical nature of the data that you are seeking to host.

2. Schedule a demonstration of CaseVantage for all parties with Brooke Oppenheimer our designated project manager at AccessData to ensure that the web-hosted service fits your need. Please submit your request in writing to This special email address has been set up to draw her attention to your request and to facilitate tracking for AccessData.

3. Discuss the option of using CaseVantage with all defense teams and identify any parties who do not wish to participate and have access to the document platform.

T r u e C r y p t

Free open-source disk encryption software for Windows 7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X, and Linux

Download the software here